11 Tips that have boosted my Productivity

11 Tips die mijn Productiviteit een Boost gegeven hebben

I have always been interested in personal development. I have tried many things and I have continued to do what worked.

In this article I share what I have learned over the years by reading a lot and applying all the techniques listed below.

Time is our most valuable asset. Unlike material things, you can’t lose time to get them back afterwards. You cannot spend time and earn more from it. You cannot buy, rent or borrow it. Use it wisely and you can take advantage of many benefits, squander it and it will disappear forever.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “ One today is worth more than two tomorrow. Lost time is not coming back. Time is money. Do you like life? Then don’t waste time, because that is the stuff that makes life. You can postpone, but time does not. 

These are 11 methods that I have discovered over the years and that work for me.

22. I record 3 or 4 to-do items every day.

Opinions tend to differ on to-do lists. Some claim that to-do lists cause even more stress because we can never get everything on it done.

Others say they help to lighten our minds and focus on the most important tasks: writing what occupies us frees us to perform and to feel less stressed.

I’m a big fan of to-do lists. But they don’t work if you cram them too full with an infinite list of tasks that seems to get longer every day.

What works for me is the system for to-do lists as recommended by Tim Ferris, author of  The 4 Hour Work Week . His system is super simple: He prepares a simple, clear to-do list every morning. Just a small card with three to five things .

We only have so many hours in a day, and we can only complete a limited number of tasks. If you force yourself to make a short list, it means that the things you accomplish are the things you’ve chosen (the important things that you don’t always like) rather than what happens by chance (usually the easy tasks that you you like to do, but that may not be the most important).

That’s why Tim Ferris talks about big items , the things that cause you the most stress. ” They are often things that have been removed from the to-do list from one day and transferred to the next, and then to the next, and so on, ” said Ferris.

When you’re done, there are three to five large items left that you should really focus on. Only five things! That way you can ensure that you complete it TODAY. No excuses.

When you finish them, it gives a nice feeling to be able to delete one after the other. And when you’re done with all five, it’s time to tear up the card and throw it away!

Ready! Away. You can almost taste the victory.

And I notice that after my list is complete, the rest of my day is very productive because I have reached a “productivity moment.”

This is my to-do list for today: