11 Tips that have boosted my Productivity

11 Tips die mijn Productiviteit een Boost gegeven hebben

I have always been interested in personal development. I have tried many things and I have continued to do what worked.

In this article I share what I have learned over the years by reading a lot and applying all the techniques listed below.

Time is our most valuable asset. Unlike material things, you can’t lose time to get them back afterwards. You cannot spend time and earn more from it. You cannot buy, rent or borrow it. Use it wisely and you can take advantage of many benefits, squander it and it will disappear forever.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “ One today is worth more than two tomorrow. Lost time is not coming back. Time is money. Do you like life? Then don’t waste time, because that is the stuff that makes life. You can postpone, but time does not. 

These are 11 methods that I have discovered over the years and that work for me.

11. I run my own competition.

First of all you need to know why you do what you do.

What is your target?

Do you want to run a small but profitable business?

Do you want to be the next Facebook? (good luck with that)

Do you want to become financially independent, for example by investing all your profits in real estate and building up monthly rental income?

Do you want to sell your company and do something else?

Or do you want to grow your business until you have 10, 20 or more than 50 employees?

Make sure you know what your goal is.

Only then can you develop the silent trust that Seneca called “euthymia.”

you must define your goals and start with a clear destination in mind . This way you can ensure that you take steps in the right direction. Covey says we can use our imagination to develop a vision of what we want to become.

You must know your goals! How else do you know when you have had enough, when you have achieved your goal or when you have lost your way?

Most of us find it very easy to work, work and work. We like to keep busy. We work hard to achieve small wins: promotions, a higher income, more recognition. But we do not often stop to evaluate the significance behind  the crowds surrounding these victories. We do not ask ourselves whether the things we are so focused on are the things that really matter.

Warren Buffett calls this the difference between the “outer scorecard” (everything we do to be successful in the eyes of society ) and the “inner scorecard” (everything we do to achieve the goals that are really important to ourselves ).

If you do not set goals, you will feel lost. We all need goals to give us direction, focus, and peace of mind.

And don’t forget: once we have achieved the goal, we must evaluate a (new) goal and continue with it!

Personally, it is my goal to let Wealth Island develop into a small but profitable company, and become financially independent.

It is NOT my goal to make Wealth Island a billion dollar company. 
It is NOT my goal to employ more and more people at Wealth Island r. 
It is NOT my goal to sell Wealth Island .

My goal is to grow Wealth Island until it is profitable enough to become financially independent. That is my race.

I try to achieve this goal by building a fantastic and simple product and by providing great customer support with great customer support – and even if I reach that goal, I will still work for Wealth Island just because I love it.

So when I read about other companies that are scaling up, that are successful and that are receiving a lot of money or that are hiring 50 employees right away, it doesn’t distract me and it doesn’t make me jealous. I run my own race to my own realistic goals and I am not distracted by the ‘successes’ of other people.

What is your purpose?