7 Ways to definitely get into financial difficulties

Can you always do something about it if you get into financial difficulties? No of course not. 
Things just happen in your life … 
Practice shows that people with a ‘certain outlook on their lives’ always get into money problems .

That’s why 7 ways to get into financial trouble.

1. Money in your bank account means spending

Money has to roll , so spend it as soon as it arrives. 
Many people get into serious trouble with this. 
Not taking into account expenses to come, from insurance to tax or health insurance …

2. No idea of ​​the monthly expenses

If you have no idea of ​​your monthly fixed costs and your expenses for eating, drinking, going out, makeup, 
clothing and shoes and so on … then you are asking for money problems.

3. I am already buying because I can pay or borrow in installments

Beautiful anyway if you spread you pay money or can borrow? 
Can you purchase something sooner? 
How much do you have to pay extra, what will your purchase price ultimately be? Is it worth it? 
Every month you have to cough up the monthly amount for months or years. 
Even if you don’t have it.

4. I didn’t do it wrong, it’s because of them

Everyone is to blame for your money problems. Of course 
you can’t do anything about it. 
You never look for the blame on yourself, in fact, you can’t even find out if you can do it differently.

5. My friends have it, I have to have it too

You mirror others and want the same thing. 
Not see if it is possible, but just do it. 
Buurman’s grass is always greener, but you will pay for the costs yourself!

6. I may also have something

Image result for reading mail

Another always has it better and you want to be able to join. 
You’re kidding yourself, aren’t you entitled to it? 
If it goes wrong you can’t do anything about it.

7. I will open the mail tomorrow, or … the day after tomorrow

Do you remember that ostrich that stuck its head in the sand? 
Are you such an ostrich? 
You know that there are many bills with your mail and you postpone opening the mail again and again. 
As long as you haven’t seen it yet …

Of course you can’t always do something about it if you get into financial trouble! 
Things go the way they do and sometimes you simply have really bad luck.

It’s not about debt, it’s how you get out!

Everyone can get out of the money , sometimes you need some time for that, but it is possible.

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